Legal Education


CPD of the future
Julie Cunningham, , Obvious Choice
, $99.00

Directors & Officers Liability
Steven Brown, Chairman, Etienne Lawyers
Video, $110.00
Directors and Officers Liability in an SME (small to medium enterprise)

Dealing with Media
Paul Bateman, Freelance Journalist, Communications Professional
, $99.00
This module by Paul Bateman a Melbourne writer, freelance journalist and communications professional will provide you with an overview of the media

Privacy Law
Errol Price, Director - Legal, Symmetra Diversity Consulting
Video, $110.00
The Law of Privacy in Australia

Marketing Guru Series for Law Firms
Paula Gilmour, Million Dollar Practice Builder, Sales Strategy
Webinar, $49.00
Step by step screen shots, practical and relevant to small firms online success. In this 30 minute session Paula shows you all the highlights of 12 week marketing guru program and free tools you can immediately use.

Six Thinking Hats
Rebecca Stewart, Managing Director , Chalmers International
, $895.00

Liquidated damages compared to penalty clauses
Kylie Weston-Scheuber, , Victorian Bar
, $99.00
The course provides tips for lawyers when drafting terms of settlement to help ensure that they are not deemed penalties by the court.

Administrative/Human Rights Law
The Hon. Justice Kevin H. Bell, , Supreme Court of Victoria
Video, $110.00
Procedural Justice and Human Rights: Informal Adjudication in Courts and Tribunals

Is It a Franchise?
Jeremy Lucas, , Etienne Lawyers
Video, $55.00

WH&S, Discrimination and EEO
Warwick Ryan, Partner, SWAAB Attorneys
Video, $65.00
Warwick Ryan, Partner, Swaab Attorneys presents WH&S, Discrimination and EEO for small law firms.

Professionalism and Profitability
Lawrence Atkinson, General Manager, Trumans Chartered Accountants
Video, $60.50
Ethics and Professional Responsibility  and Practice Management and Business Skills. The video entitled is Practice Professionalism and Profitability.

Social media - ethical risks
Liz Kollias, , CPD Interactive
, $99.00
Social Media - ethical risks for lawyers: This course examines the ethical issues arising from the use of social media in legal practice, the courts and legal process.

Mediation and ADR in the Workplace
Shirli Kirschner, Principal, Resolve Advisors
Webinar, $65.00

Positioning Your Practice
Dan Toombs, Director, Fast Firms
Video, $99.00
Dan will present the common issues around content and lead generation strategies and the current trends within Australia and in the US. He will focus particularly on small firms successfully strengthening their online presence through simple strategies around managing brand presence and website usability to benefit your online footprint.

Consumer Law Essentials 2015
Karen Lee, Principal, Legal Know-How
, $99.00
This course, in 7 easy-to-follow parts, provides lawyers with a practical overview of the operation of the ACL.

Tom Meagher, Director of Commercial Law, Murfett Legal
, $99.00
This informative and practical seminar covers in detail what the work involved in signing Lawyers Advice Certificates. The seminar discusses certificated for finance guarantors, self-management, super funds, franchise businesses and reverse mortgages.

Electronic Conveyancing Part #1
The Law Society of WA, ,
, $99.00
An Overview of National Electronic Conveyancing in Western Australia - Part 1: This seminar is a must if you want to gain insight into e-Conveyancing before Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) launches for lawyers in mid-2014.

IT for small/solo firms
Geoffrey Campey , , Computer Forensics / Investigator
Video, $65.00
MUST WATCH for Solo and Smaller Firms who do not have an IT Manager or Outsourced Provider. Quick tips, must have technology and back up essentials. Practical and relevant techniques tailored for firms with limited resources, time and money.

Steve Lancken, Mediator, Arbitrator, Educator, The Trillium Group
Video, $110.00
Mock Mediation: In this seminar, given at the Salvos Legal Conference in March 2012, Steve Lancken demonstrates the mediation process.

Mandatory CLE Halfday Seminar
Commercial Law Association, , Various Speakers
Sydney, $285.00
Get your mandatory CLE topics done, and win a $50 iTunes voucher! The first 10 delegates to register for this informative seminar through Bulletpoints will receive a $50 iTunes voucher.

LPO for Smaller Firms
Partha Nag, Executive Director, Strategic Business Alliance
Video, $65.00
Deploying Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) as a productivity, profitability and staff retention tool by Partha Nag - includes 15 hours FREE LPO, no minimum spend.

Partnership Act
Shah Rusiti, Partner, Teece Hodgson & Ward Solicitors
Video, $75.00
The Partnership Act: A brief refresher.

Commercial Contracts
Steven Brown, Chairman, Etienne Lawyers
Video, $60.50

Expert Evidence
Pouyan Afshar, Barrister, Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers
Video, $82.50
This presentation on Expert Evidence meets the MCLE "substantive law" requirements of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Managing allegations of child sexual abuse
Mark MacDiarmid, , MacDiarmid Coleman Greig Lawyers
Sydney, $93.50
Mark McDiarmid will give short a presentation on the thorny topic of managing allegations of child sexual abuse in the family courts.

Business Succession Insights Panel
CPD for ME, , Various Speakers
Video, $65.00
Join Bronwyn Pott, CEO Swaab Attorneys, Warrick McLean, GM Coleman Greig, two firm leaders (City & Suburban) with Sam Coupland, FMRC regarding their succession which has made them BRW Client Choice Award Winners.

Construction Law
Jim Doyle, , Doyles Construction Lawyers
Video, $60.50

Guide to Commencing Bankruptcy Proceedings
Jane Petrolo, , Barrister
Video, $65.00
A 10 Steps Guide to Commencing Bankruptcy Proceedings

Family Law - Parental Responsibility
Claire Cantrall, Barrister, Waratah Chambers
Sydney, $93.50
Barrister Claire Cantrall will address the issue of parental responsibility in family law.

Ethics, & Government Lawyers
Anna Robertson, , Victorian Bar
, $99.00
This course deals with the overriding duty of a solicitor to the court; to the client and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Intensive Business Law - Afternoon session
The College of Law, Various Speakers,
Sydney, $360.00

Getting Your Price Right!
George Beaton, Executive Director, Beaton Research & Consulting
, $99.00

Leveraging Technology for Law Firms
Craig Rispin, Business Futurist & Innovation Expert,
Video, $99.00
Leveraging Technology for Profitability and Innovation: This workshop is designed to help law firm managers and leaders without a strong IT/technology background who want to improve the way their firm leverages technology for competitive advantage

Billing and ethics
David Vilensky, Managing Director, Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky Lawyers
, $99.00

Trusts - Drafting Tax Effective Streaming Resolutions
Garry Payne, Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter
Webinar, $154.00
This live webinar will cover the important topics of Trusts and Drafting Tax Effective Streaming Resolutions

Commercial Law
Hon. Lindsay G. Foster, , Federal Court of Australia
Video, $110.00

Anticipatory Remedies
John Vaughan SC, Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers
, $99.00
Freezing and search orders have been described as the law's two nuclear weapons.  This session is intended to provide a practical approach to bringing or answering an application for a freezing or search order.

Commercial Property
Julian O'Sullivan, Barrister,
Video, $110.00
Taxation Implications for Property Developers and Investors.

Consumer Law
Russell Miller AM, Partner, Minter Ellison
Sydney, $149.00
Australian Consumer Law update 2014

Recruitment/Interviewing Skills
Mary Turnbull, Trainer and Facilitator, Challenge Consulting
, $
Recruitment and Interviewing Skills (Full Day Workshop): This interactive and practical workshop provides you with all the questioning and probing techniques to give you the confidence that you are hiring the best candidates to fit into your culture.