Legal Education


Steven Brown, Chairman, Etienne Lawyers
Video, $110.00

Work Health and Safety
GRC Solutions, , Salt Compliance courses
, $165.00

Knowledge Management for Lawyers
Joanne Casey, Director, The Right Mix
, $99.00
Sole practitioners and small firms attending will gain valuable insight and learn some easy strategies to save time and money internally. This seminar will also explore how you build on great knowledge management practices to generate more income.

Property Taxes Update
Tony Cahill, Legal Author and Commentator,
Sydney, $93.50
This short update session will cover the latest ATO GST rulings and draft rulings, stamp duty and land tax, and GST and deposits.

Legal Ethics Part 2
Professor Mirko Bagaric, , Deakin University
, $99.00
This course provides a very high level, often-controversial discussion of what is ethics in the legal profession.

Cutting Edge Developments in Property Law
Dr Michael Nancarrow , Senior Lecturer, CQUniversity
Sydney, $480.00
The effect of e-technology on the ethical considerations and risk management issues facing property practitioners will be a focus of this seminar. Other topical issues include the enforceability of easements and covenants and the latest issues in leasing.

Effective law firm marketing
Colin Ritchie, Director, Ritchie Business Solutions
Video, $65.00
Effective marketing by building relationship with existing clients and referral sources by Colin Ritchie of Ritchie Business Solutions

Ethics in the Public Square
Father Frank Brennan, , Australian Catholic University
, $59.00
This seminar is thought provoking and will challenge legal practitioners to think about their duties beyond that of their duties to their clients or the court.

Lateral Thinking
Rebecca Stewart, Managing Director , Chalmers International
, $895.00
A Lateral Thinking workshop gives you the set of unorthodox thinking tools required to seek solutions to those stubborn problems. Tools include Provocation, Concept Extraction, Random Entry and Challenge.

Becoming an Incorporated Legal Practice
The Law Society of WA, ,
, $199.00
This seminar contains a detailed discussion of running a legal practice through an Incorporated Legal Practice structure.  The seminar covers practical, regulatory and ethical matters.

Environmental Compliance
GRC Solutions, , Salt Compliance courses
, $165.00
This course creates awareness of the potential risks, explores the basics of environmental law and its imposed obligations, and explains how they should be referred to.

PPSA - Intermediate
Leigh Adams, Principal, Leigh Adams Lawyers
Video, $63.00
The Personal Property Securities Act - intermediate session

Expert Evidence
Penelope Wass, Barrister, Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers
Video, $60.50
This presentation by Penelope Wass, Barrister, on Expert Evidence meets the MCLE substantive law and Professional Skills (Rule of Solicitors' Rules) requirements of the Law Society of New South Wales

The Advocate as a Mediator
Michael Gething, Principal Registrar, Supreme Court of Western Australia
Perth, $176.00
Participants will explore ways they can use skills such as reframing, summarising and persuasion generally to address motivation of both parties. Learn about some of the common pitfalls to avoid and the most common mistakes that occur in the mediation process.

Is It a Franchise?
Jeremy Lucas, , Etienne Lawyers
Video, $55.00

Information Security
GRC Solutions, , Salt Compliance courses
, $165.00
This course surveys the most common information security risks and breaches, including direct observation, malware viruses, phishing, identity theft, spam and credit card skimming.

Using Social Media Evidence
Geoffrey Campey , , Computer Forensics / Investigator
Video, $65.00

Advocacy Essentials
Nick Cowdery AM QC, ,
Sydney, $120.00
Advocacy is the art of persuasion and is practised by us all every day (sometimes without our even noticing).

Liquidated damages compared to penalty clauses
Kylie Weston-Scheuber, , Victorian Bar
, $99.00
The course provides tips for lawyers when drafting terms of settlement to help ensure that they are not deemed penalties by the court.

Tom Meagher, Director of Commercial Law, Murfett Legal
, $99.00
This informative and practical seminar covers in detail what the work involved in signing Lawyers Advice Certificates. The seminar discusses certificated for finance guarantors, self-management, super funds, franchise businesses and reverse mortgages.

eMarketing and Spam Act
GRC Solutions, , Salt Compliance courses
, $165.00

Information & Data Security
Kathryn Hume, , IntApp
, $99.00
The Challenge of Information and Data Security in the Electronic Age: how to manage the common threats and issues facing your firm

Incident Management
GRC Solutions, , Salt Compliance courses
, $165.00
Incident management can be done efficiently if you know what to look for and what to do with it, using the inputs, processes and outputs covered in this course.

Coaching & High Performance
Carey Hawker , Associate Director Client Relations, DIRECTIONEERING
Video, $99.00
Coaching and the Path to High Performance. The session will also provide some practical tools and frameworks that we can all apply as leaders to improve people performance and productivity.

One Day Seminar: Family Law
Young Lawyers, Law Society of NSW,
Sydney, $585.00
Once again, the New South Wales Young Lawyers Family Law Committee have organised an excellent one day seminar.

Rule 57 Half Day Seminar
The Law Society of NSW, Various Speakers,
Sydney, $199.00
We know that compliance is important, but we also design our Rule 57 sessions to equip you with a range of skills and knowledge that will help you to grow your practices.

Good Client Relationships
Robyn Hanney, , Legal Project Manager
Webinar, $65.00
Course Outline: What clients like in a lawyer, common mistakes and longer term benefits from good client relations

McCabe Case Part 1
Camille Cameron, Dean of Law, University of Windsor
, $99.00
This course looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using email in negotiation.

Wills and Estates Estate Administration
Christine Page , Partner, David Landa Stewart Lawyers
Webinar, $65.00

Commercial Contracts
Steven Brown, Chairman, Etienne Lawyers
Video, $60.50

PPSA Introduction
Leigh Adams, Principal, Leigh Adams Lawyers
Video, $63.00
The Personal Property Securities Act - introductory session

Cloud Computing Tech Update
Craig Taylor, CEO, LC9
Video, $65.00

USA Law & Research
Ruth Bird, Law Librarian , University of Oxford
, $99.00
This course is designed to introduce the American Legal system.

Workplace and Employment Law
Young Lawyers, Law Society of NSW,
Sydney, $585.00
Once again, the New South Wales Young Lawyers Workplace and Safety Law Committee have organised an excellent line up of speakers presenting on with cutting edge topics:

Criminal Law
The Hon. Justice Ian G. Harrison, , Supreme Court of New South Wales
Video, $110.00
Sentencing in the Age of Compassion. In this seminar, Justice Harrison debates whether current sentencing is appropriate and what history will think of it.

Expert Evidence
Pouyan Afshar, Barrister, Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers
Video, $82.50
This presentation on Expert Evidence meets the MCLE "substantive law" requirements of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Your Firm in 30 Seconds
Tim Williams, Founder and Managing Director, Ignition Group, USA
Video, $99.00

Evaluating offers in negotiation
CMA Learning Group, ,
, $99.00
Accept, reject or renegotiate? Evaluating offers in negotiation. This course provides a checklist for helping your client determine their response to proposals from the other side.

Medical Negligence
Anna Walsh, Principal, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Video, $60.50
Medical Negligence Law: Liability for Multidisciplinary Teams

Key Time Management Strategies
Robyn Hanney, , Legal Project Manager
Webinar, $65.00
The Key Time Management Strategies webinar covers some common mistakes that cost you time, some changes to your common practice that will save you time and some practical suggestions you may not have considered.